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Building Management System

Our state-of-the-art building automation system Desigo™ helps you make buildings perfect places – secure, comfort – able, safe and protected with a healthy and pleasant climate that spurs productivity.

Desigo offers the flexibility required to realize perfect conditions for new workplace concepts. Another aspect is cost- and energy-efficient operation: Today, buildings account for 40 percent of global energy consumption. Desigo helps reduce both this cost factor and your CO 2 emissions through significant energy savings, while offering a healthier room climate and higher user satisfaction – in your own perfect place.

Maximum flexibility for long-term investment protection
Superior comfort for maximum performance
Saving energy and achieving highest efficiency classes

Desigo – a flexible building automation system that covers all your building needs

Desigo can cover all automation levels, room auto mation and building management needs. Maximum flexibility has become a key argument for investors and tenants. The Desigo building automation system can easily adapt to changing requirements, offering optimized usability and comfort, and improving performance in a perfect place.

Desigo CC – the integrated building management platform

The management platform features templates and tools that help you set initial parameters for your buildings and then adapt them based on changing needs and conditions. Data aggregation pulls information from many different sources. Historical analysis gives you side-by-side trend comparisons.

Desigo Control Point – the embedded building management station

Desigo Control Point helps you to simplify your building automation tasks, maximize room comfort, lower maintenance and energy costs. Desigo Control Point consists of touch panels in several sizes for user control of air conditioning, lighting and shading in individual rooms. It also offers web servers that enable comprehensive, remote control of entire buildings as well as monitoring and optimizing energy consumption.

Desigo Room Automation – flexible and modular for any type of room

Desigo™ room automation is the unique solution to link all room disciplines. It guarantees ideal settings for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and shading, thus optimizing comfort as well as productivity in each individual room.