SystemHUB Distribution Inc.

Apollo Fire Alarm System UL Listed

SystemHUB Distribution Inc. supplies and distributes Apollo fire alarm system UL listed products with addressable & conventional fire alarm system types. Products are fire control panel, smoke detector, heat detector, beam detector, sounder beacon, call point, strobe light, alarm bell and other fire detection alarm system devices. SystemHUB is a leading distributor of security solution products in the Philippines.


Discovery UL is a line of high-specification, intelligent fire detectors developed to meet the requirements of sophisticated systems while providing engineers with an additional dimension in fire protection capability. Discovery UL has a ‘distributed intelligence’ system where decisions are made in the detector head as well as at the control panel. Drift compensation is also incorporated into the detector, allowing it to adapt to dirty or dusty environments, reducing false alarms.


The XP95A range of analogue addressable fire detectors is advanced in design and performance and offers unique features that benefit both the installer and the end user. The range is based on Apollo’s XP95 products. XP95A has a ‘central intelligence’ system where all the decisions are made by the control panel. Each detector is addressed using Apollo’s patented XPERT 7 Card, supplied with the mounting bases. The XP95A range includes an Ionisation Detector, a Photoelectric Detector, a Heat Detector, a Multisensor, an Isolator and a series of Modules.

Series 65A

Series 65A is a range of conventional fire detectors available in three versions: • STANDARD • FLASHING LED • FLASHING LED AND MAGNET OPERATED TEST SWITCH

XP95 Ionisation Smoke Detector
XP95 Mounting Base
XP95 Photoelectric Smoke Detector
XP95 Heat Detector
Pull Station
Discovery Open Area Sounder w/ Visual Indicator
XP95a Open Area Sounder
XP95a Switch Monitor Module 55000-806
XP95a Switch Monitor Module 55000-805
Loop [1,2] & Syncro Assembly Control Panel
2, 4, 8 Zones Control Panel
XP95a Switch Monitor Module 55000-805
Loop [1,2] & Syncro Assembly Control Panel
Loop [2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16] Fire Control Panel
LCD Repeater Panel

Series 65 BR Heat Detector w/ Flashing lED
Series65a Heat Detector w/ Flashing Led
Series65a Photoelectric Smoke Detector
Series 65 Standard Base
Annunciator Panel
[2,4,8] Zone Control Panel