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Hanwha CCTV System

The need for advanced optical and image processing technologies came from the company’s activities in these areas. After years of successful development of advanced optics and digital processing technology, the Security Solutions division was created to provide commercial security products from these technologies.

Hanwha Techwin’s security solution products are based upon cutting edge technologies that are unique in the security industry. When you try the products you will experience the difference that these technologies provide.

Quality & Reliability

“Quality and Reliability” is of the upmost importance for physical security products and Tecwin understands this. Therefore we are committed to adhering to extremely high testing standards set throughout the product development stages.

Hanwha Techwin has a dedicated Quality Assurance team using cutting edge testing equipment to rigorously test and prove the reliability of the products. The Quality Assurance team publishes the reliability reports and MTBF figures (Mean Time Between Failures) to provide a guide for product lifetime expectations.

Image Quality Evaluation :

To guarantee the image quality of our products, we conduct tests in a dedicated image quality evaluation lab. The resolutions / chrominance / phase under various light / environment conditions for various objects, colour reproducibility and other operational functions are tested, to ensure reliable image quality.

ALT (Accelerated Life Test) / HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) :

We ensure product reliability by eliminating potential quality defects in advance, through the use of a variety of high-level stress tests relating to temperature, vibration and power.

Temperature & Humidity Profile Test :

(Environmental tests for high-temperature / low-temperature / high-humidity) : We ensure that our products operate normally under any environmental conditions by conducting a variety of environmental tests.

Power Environment Test :

To secure the electronic reliability of our products, we perform an electro-static test, which verifies the electrical tolerances against unstable voltage supply, voltage drop and thunder stroke.

Distribution Environment Test :

To minimize the possibility of damage occurring during shipping, we perform tests including vibration, drop, and cold proof drop according to international standards, which simulate the types of situations that can occur during product distribution.

Hanwha QNO-6012R/6022R/6032R
2 MP Network IR Bullet Camera

Hanwha QND-6012R/6022R/6032R
2 MP Network IR Dome Camera

Hanwha XRN-810S
8CH Network Video Recorder with PoE Switch

Hanwha HRX-1620
16CH Pentabrid DVR

Hanwha SNB-7002
3Megapixel Full HD Network Box Camera

Hanwha Wisenet Mobile
Mobile viewer for Android / iOS

Hanwha SRN-4000
64CH 400Mbps Premium Network Video Recorder

Hanwha SNP-6200RH
2Megapixel Full HD 20x Network IR PTZ Camera

Hanwha SNO-7082R
3Megapixel Full HD Network IR Camera